Calcium Coated for Wet/Dry Performance                                                                                    PRODUCT #5100 SERIES

American Safety Gloves TM

Made by The American Worker for The American Worker


The American Safety Gloves TM are produced with a uniquely processed non-allergic, low protein, premium natural rubber latex and coated with calcium carbonate, facilitating grip and high performance in wet and dry environments while being gentle on the skin.

Made in the USA and provides reliable protection against non-hazardous materials. The calcium carbonate powdered coating absorbs moisture and humidity while being gentle on the skin while simultaneously increasing durability by heightening

protection against tearing or ripping, without compromising on elasticity and functionality.

The gloves are ambidextrous—designed to function on both the right and left hand—and cut for a close-to-the-skin fit. This glove is thicker, softer, and more durable when compared to medical or other thinner disposable latex, nitrile, or vinyl gloves. The premium natural latex rubber is superior, mimicking the sensory feeling of the skin and molding to the hand like a second skin providing a full sensory transfer.

Natural Rubber Latex - Low Protein (Non-Allergic); Calcium Powdered

Small (#5111), Medium (#5112), Large (#5113), and Extra Large (#5114)

7.0 Mil Nominal

Industrial, Commercial, Assembly, General Applications

ISO/ASTM + FDA QSR Facilities

Food Service; Materials Compliant, CFR 177.2600


• Non-Sterile Disposable General-Purpose Disposable Natural Rubber Latex Examination Glove
• Lightly Powdered Calcium Carbonate Finish, Glove Thickness - 7.0 mil Nominal
• Packaging is 100 Gloves per Dispenser Carton, 10 Dispenser Cartons per Master Shipping Case
• Palletized Interlocking 26 Pallets to 53’ Container, 40 Master Cases Each Pallet; Single Stacked Due to Weight
• Per Approved Product Specifications NSEXLTCH-SM, NSEXLTCH-MD, NSEXLTCH-LG, & NSEXLTCH-XL
• Package Labeling Compliant with Federal Regulation Code Section 1910-1200
• Manufacturing Lot Number Printed on the Dispenser Carton and Master Case