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MI Americas is a research and development company committed to producing the best medical, surgical, and personal protective equipment made right here in the USA. MI Americas strives to bring the highest quality health, safety, and surgical equipment and supplies while employing American workers. Show your support for American made products and contact us now for more information.

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Disposable Natural Latex Exam gloves.
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Thermal Packs

Cold and Warm therapeutic compress packs.
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Episiotomy Pads

Disposable perineal pads with cool ice pack.
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Infant Thermal Transport Mattress

Disposable gel infant transport mattress.
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High-grade sterile disposable surgeons scalpels.
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Surgical Pens

Sterile or non-sterile skin marking surgeon pens.
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Product Consulting Services

In addition to our own products, we are a fully-capable industrial manufacturing service provider, as well as a product manufacturing consulting service. If you have a product and want it vetted and built, please talk to us about your project, and lets see how we can work together to make things in America.


Professional services to design and build domestically.


Market data evaluation, full analysis and report.


Domestic assembly for your private label products.

David Silver

Chief Executive Officer

Medical Industries of the Americas

I am very proud to lead an American company continuing traditions of engineering and manufacturing going back many decades and employing American workers.

Eufaula is gunning for the gold. Why not? It already has its Silver. With hopes of soon being named the site of the Southeast Alabama Veterans Home, Medical Industries of the Americas is planning on re-starting the former Ameritex factory located in Eufaula.

Enter David Silver, a Swedish-born, Los Angeles-raised, Wall Street author who has traveled the world and has a vast array of education he plans to use in helping MI Americas become a global, publicly traded business in Eufaula.

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Our Story

MEDICAL INDUSTRIES OF THE AMERICAS traces its roots from a humble start in 1965 amidst the scenic rolling hills of Connecticut to the current nearly 14 acre factory on Lake Eufaula in Alabama, which was built in 1988. These product lines have been supplied to major distributors in the hospital, commercial, and private label markets with historical solid reputations on competitive pricing, on-time deliveries, and reliable product.

The HMS Line of products have long been USA made standards in emergency room, OBGYN, surgery, physical therapy, maternity and sports medicine uses and applications. Our heritage is the inspiration for our business. We are proudly expanding and re-establishing traditions with our lines of all- Made in America products. Our product lines are always made from ethically sourced materials by American workers who are paid fair and living wages. It's how we do business and our products proudly reflect our standards.

Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured Domestically in the USA

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