Medical Industries of the Americas is an American manufacturer of medical-grade rubber, textiles, sanitizers, thermal therapy, and reusable and disposable products. We are proudly expanding the company into a global medical manufacturing and distribution hub, making it one of the largest of its kind in the United States. The company's logistical capabilities by rail and infrastructures local to major ports including Savannah, New Orleans, and Mobile provide strategic logistical capacity for the entire Western Hemisphere. We currently have over 100,000 square feet of structure on our 13.7 acre industrial campus in Eufaula Alabama with a private rail spur for bulk freight. Our satellite operations on both the east and west coasts provide a presence, offices and personnel across the country and servicing the entire American continent. 

Medical Industries of the Americas is proudly the largest production and manufacturing infrastructures for dipped latex in the entire Western Hemisphere. There is no known facility in the world that matches our abilities to dip and produce latex products in terms of output-volume, speed, and quality. We have proprietary infrastructure and produce thermal products including hot and cold packs, textiles, sanitizers, scalpels, surgical pens, surgical markers. We are white- label providers for manufacturing, engineering, fabrication, and turn-key product development on a private label and confidential basis. 


As we expand the company, our existing infrastructure will handle additional dipping lines with the abilities to increased output an estimated 50 percent with planned retrofits and upgrades. We are developing medical-grade specialty products for the industrial and agricultural markets. We boast a nationwide network of vendors, suppliers, and engineers right here in the USA.

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